About Us

Me, My Dad, and America is a bike trip shared by a father (Mike) and his son (Evan). We are biking across America in stages, starting in Astoria, Oregon and ending in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The trip is in stages because of the busy schedules of both bikers.

Why is there so little information available before Billings? – – We started the blog after we arrived at Billings, Montana, so we will have plenty of pictures but not so many posts from the road before then.

The site is mostly maintained by Evan, because he understands how computers work.


§ 3 Responses to About Us

  • Laura says:

    Hi Evan! Excellent start for your blog. I hope you and Mike are enjoying your ride so far! Laura 🙂

  • Mom says:

    I totally agree with Laura–great start on the blog. Plan to add prior photos and then think about blogging your planning for the next leg of your ride!

    I hope you’re giving your dad a break by taking the front seat of that heavy tandem occasionally. If not, get your lazy butt up there next trip. Love you!

  • Jim Ahern says:

    How about posting a tentative calendar so some of Mike’s FL buddies could join up for a day or two of riding [yeah, I realize this is a little late in the trek!!] Jim & Chris Ahern

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