Southbridge, MA to East Providence, RI

May 31, 2018 § Leave a comment

We’re pretty much there!

A nicer ride than the last one. It wasn’t much warmer, but the rain stopped so we stayed dry. We climbed slowly out of the Connecticut River valley for a while, dipped into Connecticut state for about 500 yards, then found a very small back road that went arrow-straight over ten miles mostly downhill directly into the center of Providence.

It wasn’t until this ride that I really felt like we’d made it back to New England. The homes all looked familiar and I’ve driven on several of the roads we biked down — we went by two different buildings where Dad used to work. Of course, the largest indicator was the frequency of Dunkin’ Donuts as we approached the coast. In western Massachusetts we passed two or three over the whole day (and treasured the hot drinks to warm our drenched bodies), but they got more and more common today. First, they were spaced far enough to get a large iced turbo and finish it by the next one, then you could barely juggle a frosted donut and a small coffee, and by the end we reached the mandatory Providence density of two per strip mall.

We reached the edge of the ocean in Providence, pedaling down the downtown Water Fire route before stopping in at NBX Cycles in East Providence, which was originally the East Providence Cycle where we got our bike. Now we have two days of riding left: one to Newport and one to the ocean with family and friends. We’re so close!

We crossed the CT–MA border twice in five minutes.

This one-lane road with no paint is called the Douglas Turnpike. The Pike goes from the state border directly into Providence, where it does look more pikey. Ironically, there are no turns in this turnpike.

Happy Memorial Day! We rode through a parade route before the parade started, and got more attention than anywhere else on the ride. Kids dig the “twin bike.”



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