Easthampton, MA to Southbridge

May 27, 2018 § 3 Comments

There are three different types of fun known to mankind. Type I fun is simply fun — a beach day, a snowball fight, Senior Week before a college graduation (so long, Tufts!). Type II fun sucks in the moment, but it’s fun in retrospect — ice climbing, losing a board game with friends, rigorous exercise. Type III fun just sucks — drowning, hiking in dangerous weather, almost failing a mandatory class in your senior spring (but so long, Tufts!). What kind of fun did the Sayles boys have today?

We started with the friendly guys at Competitive Edge Ski-Bike in Easthampton, MA, ready to take on two of the last three or four days of the ride. A bike trail led us ten or so miles through beautiful farmland and next to Amherst College, then we pushed up and coasted down some rolling hills along the Connecticut River. It was gorgeous. Type 1 fun!

Except it was also 48 degrees and raining all afternoon, so we’re both sore and exhausted. Hmm. Let’s see how fun this looks in retrospect. 🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️

We got a lift to the start of the bike path. Dad’s jealous of our facial hair.

The bike path was along an old railroad track, and it was super pretty! The canopy also shielded us from some (not enough) of the rain.

Pizza for lunch in Belchertown. We think they gave us extra grease for free.

The pastry shop in the basement of the Publick House in Sturbridge was our last stop before we made it to Southbridge.



§ 3 Responses to Easthampton, MA to Southbridge

  • Katie says:

    Loved being on this journey with you. Love you guys ❤️

  • joyce ann amaral says:

    Hi Evan,
    You make me smile as I read this sunny account of the 3 kinds of fun. I don’t think your Dad misses his facial hair, by the way!


  • Hey, guys—great to see more action reportage! You ever consider pursuing a career in Sayles? DOH—sorry. . . couldn’t stop myself. That’s one beautiful green trail. Sounds like you were aided in the biking process by generous pizza grease? Who knew? Next time, though, reserve a slice for chain maintenance against the rust. Safe travels!

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