Erie, Pennsylvania to Dunkirk, New York

June 9, 2016 § 1 Comment

That’s a wrap for this trip!


Our very long day put us ahead of schedule, and we had a much shorter route to reach the spot where we’re storing the bike. Another perfect day! The wind was at our backs all day, we never got too warm or too cold, and our entire route had ample space for us to pedal safely. We left Pennsylvania pretty quickly, lunched in Barcelona to prep for my semester in Spain next spring, then made our way to the outskirts of Buffalo. We don’t think we’ll ever bike in the city proper – urban biking is tricky and it would be more direct to head straight east from about where we are now.

Both of us feel great, aside from the usual bike saddle pains. Tomorrow we’re looking forward to a quick tour by car of Buffalo and Niagra, with a jaunt into Canada for Niagra Falls and maybe my very first adult beverage.

In keeping with the “America” part of “Me, My Dad, and America,” I kept an eye on the nation as we traveled past it this week.

  • Ohio wins the Most Patriotic State award – we couldn’t go more than a few miles without seeing a home covered in American flags.
  • Upstate New Yorkers love their guns and hate Governor Cuomo for trying to take them away.
  • 6 Trump signs, plus a moving truck with all sides just covered in his name.
  • 3 Hillary signs.
  • 3 Bernie signs, including two still up after Hillary clinched the nomination. Stay hopeful, you dirty hippy millennial socialists.


A million thanks to Susan at Dan’s Moving and Storage in Dunkirk for her great generosity! Greater Buffalo doesn’t have a bike shop big enough to store the bike for us so we had no idea what to do with it, until Susan volunteered some space in her warehouse. Yet another excellent person we encountered along the way.

These four days of our tour have been four of the best we’ve had – strong tailwinds the whole way, gorgeous views, and great conversations on and off the bike. Dad and I learn more and more about each other every time we fly west to bike east, and we’re so privileged to have this opportunity. There are only so many more days ahead of us before we complete what we started over a decade ago, and we plan to make the most of each of them.

Erie Canal, you’re next! See you soon.


We spent a half hour at the Mazza Winery for Dad to sample the offerings of the Erie Wine Country. Unsurprisingly, he liked it.


Another day, another state! That’s three states in as many days, for those of you keeping track.


The lake looks much cleaner away from the bigger cities like Cleveland and Erie, PA. Great colors when seen in person!


A lone American flag in an unfarmed field. It looked very stoic. I dig it.



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  • Dear Both: Way to go! Glad the weather treated you right. Also glad to hear upstate NY finally scraped all the roads free of snow—just in time for winter’s return in September. They don’t call Cleveland and Buffalo “Baja Canada” for nothin’.

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