Cleveland to Mentor, Ohio

June 7, 2016 § 2 Comments

No, not Mentor-on-the-Lake. Just Mentor.


A much shorter day than yesterday – we only traveled about 40 miles in total. (Dad prefers that I use terms besides “ride” to describe our ride, since we aren’t sitting idly. Our “adventure,” our “travels,” whatever.)

We started our day with a ride (an actual ride, in a pickup truck) up the road to Cleveland – our map had us on Route 6, which turned out to be way too busy and in really terrible condition, so we elected to skip it. After a delicious breakfast and a quick stop in Joy Machines Bike Shop, we took Dad’s first Uber to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was awesome – we spent way too long in there learning about the history and performers of the music which led our whole country to burn our morals and worship Satan. Amazing how much fear there was about cultural progress in America! Thank goodness that kind of fear-mongering will never ever happen again.

Around 2:30, we left the museum to continue east. Urban biking is much more stressful when on a 12-foot machine that can barely turn! Luckily we got out of downtown quickly, and connected with a nice lakefront bike trail for a few miles. Gorgeous! We wound our way through the suburbs for the remainder of the day, coming to a stop at a Hampton Inn in Mentor. It was a trek of less than 50 miles, but we still rewarded ourselves with Dairy Queen once we had settled in. Then, we punished ourselves with the latest X-Men movie.

Looking back on the day, it stands in such stark contrast to our rides out west. South Dakota was the same scene every day, with no real changes in the landscape or the towns we passed through. Here, the only landscapes we saw were designed by landscapers, and all the towns were remarkably diverse. On the lake side of I-90 we saw enormous, Gatsby-esque homes where the rich spend their summers, and across the highway we biked through a few pretty rough neighborhoods where some homes had holes in their roofs and boards for windows. The disparity between the two sides of town was pretty shocking.

Special thanks to Joe and Jonathan, who gave us that lift to Cleveland. And to the kind sould at Joy Machines and the Hampton who helped us store our beast of a bike. Three more days to Buffalo!


At the Hall of Fame. I forgot my razor.

Our first close encounter with the lake!


Quick study of the map at lunch.


We’ve never dealt with so much traffic!


When we checked into the hotel in Mentor, Dad was very excited to see the bridge we crossed as we left downtown.


§ 2 Responses to Cleveland to Mentor, Ohio

  • Katie says:

    Never. Ever. Again!! lol 🙂
    Keep up the good work, boys!

  • joyce amaral says:

    Dairy Queen – I’m jealous…too cool and rainy yesterday to bother going to Oxford Creamery. Of course your Dad has never met an ice cream cone he didn’t like!
    Love the summary and looking forward to reading more in your next blog.

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