Fremont* to Lorain, OH

June 6, 2016 § 4 Comments

*Actually Elmore. Thanks, Dad. 

A long first day for the 2016 ride! Fremont Cycle, the shop where we stored the bike, has a second location. Dad thought it was in Clyde, which is to the east. Thinking we could get a five-mile head start on the ride, he had the bike transferred to the second shop. Today we learned that shop is actually in Elmore, 20 miles to the west (the wrong way). Oh well!

We wound up on a great bike path most of the way back to Fremont, and the weather was very nice. Even though we covered a lot of road we already biked last summer, it was really enjoyable! An hour and a half into our ride, once we’d passed 2015’s ending location, the wind picked up behind us and pushed us most of the rest of the 50 miles we needed to go. Ohio is flat as ever, so the ride was rarely challenging. 

We finished in Lorain, a suburb of Cleveland, and we’re staying at The Beacon B&B. It’s charming, and the bed I’m blogging from is incredibly comfortable. Strong recommend. 

Today was our first sighting of Lake Erie! It’ll be off our left shoulders for much of the week as we head towards Buffalo. Five days, four nights and three states for two guys on one bike. 

The Northcoast Inland Trail brought us back to Fremont. 
Our map led us to this closed road. We asked a foreman if we could proceed, and he told us it was closed to protect us from falling concrete. Dad patted his helmet and we rode on anyway. 
Thunderstorms rolled through at dinner, but the sun set below the clouds across the lake. Red light was spilling everywhere! I wish I’d brought a better camera to capture it. 


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