Two Days in Ohio: A Me, My Dad, and America Special Presentation

September 2, 2015 § 7 Comments

Happy surprise! We found a few days to ride before Evan went back to school. We took the opportunity without a second thought because we needed to position ourselves to be able to get through Cleveland for our next ride. So, two days after Evan got out of his 10-week job at Camp Belknap, we were Ohio-bound. Go Buckeyes!

We meet amazing people every day we’re on the road. Our first lucky encounter of this trip happened before we even saw the bike: in fact, it was because of Dan that we saw the bike at all. Dad had arranged for a cab company to take us from Fremont, our destination for this ride, to the Hampton Inn in Defiance. For some reason, these plans fell through. Dan is the owner of Fremont Cycle and Fitness and he volunteered to take us an hour or so west, keeping him away from home until well after 11:00pm. We can’t thank him enough!

Our first day started at the same Hampton Inn we used to end our May ride. We picked up the bike from R Bike Shop and pedaled away. Dad, being the independent soul he is, tried to steer the bike off the map we use. However, Master Navigator Evan saved the day with his gentle and always-accurate guidance. Despite his perfect directions, we did have to pass through Florida (, OH) to stay on track. Lunch was in the predominately German town of Napoleon (go Wildcats!) at Season’s Eatings, a charming vegetarian local-food cafe with great food and a great owner. Eat local: good for the taste buds, body, and local economy! Robin, the owner, told tales of good ice cream in a town not far away. We were tempted, and Rita’s Dairy Bar called to us all the way from Grand Rapids (, OH). A root beer float and a sundae fueled us past a massive Campbell’s Soup factory (thank goodness we weren’t hungry anymore—it smelled of Chicken Noodle Soup for miles around) and into Bowling Green (go Bobcats!). Our lodging for the evening was another Hampton Inn, just south of Bowling Green State University (go Falcons!). One employee, Erik, was incredibly friendly and helpful from the moment we walked in. We meet such amazing people!

Day 2 was considerably shorter. We put about ten miles in before a storm rolled in, filling the fields with rain and the air with thunder. We hid inside a grocery store in Pemberville until most of it had passed, then pedaled on to Gibsonburg (go Golden Bears!) for lunch. It was sunny by the time we finished our meal, and we were set to make the last push to Fremont. Despite a quick farm stand stop for some Arnold Palmers, we made it into Fremont Cycle and Fitness with time to spare. The bike will stay under Dan’s care until we come back next time. Fremont is a great town, and we look forward to seeing it soon. Until next time, go Little Giants!

We rented a lime green Fiesta and parked it in front of Fremont Cycle. Dan says he’ll miss seeing it out his window. 
How is it that biking 50 miles is exhausting, but we can make it to Florida with no problem?
The Campbell’s factory, featuring the largest soup can on Earth. 
Our view from Rita’s Dairy Bar in Grand Rapids. 
Most of the towns we passed through looked like this square in Gibsonburg. They must have bustled with activity at some point!


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