Fort Wayne to Defiance, Ohio

May 21, 2015 § 3 Comments

We made it to Buckeye country! 


Today was an excellent way to end our three-day ride. After two long days, a forty-mile segment with the wind generally at our backs was pretty much a cakewalk. We started just east of Fort Wayne thanks to a lift arranged by Dad’s friend Denis Clifford and Tim and Jeff Burns. It was cold for most of the morning, but we reached a balmy sixty degrees by noon. We reached our first stop, the Ohio boader, very quickly. From then on we hardly saw a hill! One of the counties we passed through had a one-foot altitude gain from corner to corner. One foot. After a great lunch at Past Time Cafe in Paulding, we took one road all the way to Defiance, where we stored the bike in R Bike Shop until our next ride. We’re in a great position to finish by the time I’m out of college, and hopes are very high about the remaining few states we have to cross.

These three days were wonderful, as always. We learned lessons – bring warmer clothes than one would expect to need, buy mold-resistant water bottles, and just because someone has lived somewhere for a lifetime does not mean their directions will be correct. We crossed into our final time zone, another new state, and met so many great locals. Everywhere we stopped, people were friendly and genuinely interested in our journey together. They say it’s amazing that Dad and I are doing this, and we certainly agree. When it’s just the two of us riding through empty fields, those are moments that very few other people will ever share. The unique bonding experiences that we have are so special, and we both know how lucky we are to have them. It’s great to know that throughout all the changes in my life – moving to Iowa, going to Tufts – there’s still this ride, this fantastic project that we’re working on together. That’s what’s amazing to me. 

Until next time, may the roads be smooth and the wind always at your back. See you all soon! Be sure to subscribe with your email address if you haven’t already so you can get an update when we continue.

  Jeff Burns, our driver this morning, was a total delight to have met. Thanks for the lift!

 We were chased by at least one farm dog every day this trip.
Our sincerest thanks to Denis and the crews at Superior Sales and Service and R Bike Shop for making this trip possible. We really couldn’t have done it without you!


§ 3 Responses to Fort Wayne to Defiance, Ohio

  • Katie says:

    *love* xoxo

  • Joyce amaral says:

    Such a great story you two are creating.! What they say about the journey being the destination really is the message that you describe so eloquently.
    Congratulations on completing this leg of the ride.

  • LJO says:

    Hi Evan, your posts were really terrific. I agree, you have experienced a very special journey that you will cherish forever. Thinking of you and Mike as always!

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