Peru to Fort Wayne

May 20, 2015 § 2 Comments

My sincerest apologies. I lied to you all yesterday. Today was the longest ride of our three-day trip.

69.5 miles into the wind today! We got an earlier start because we wanted to avoid a band of rain that would arrive by early evening. It was a bit colder today, but once we got moving it didn’t matter much. Powered by omelets from Peru and oatmeal from Bob Evans, we powered across rivers and through state forests to try to beat the storm. The wind was never with us, and that made everything just a bit harder. We passed signs mocking us with warnings—”SPEED LIMIT 50?” As if. The ride was slow and the weather bleak, but after a great deal of effort and a great many wrong turns, we made it to the world-renowned Hampton Inn by Fort Wayne International Airport. Huzzah!

We’ve been noticing a lot of nature along the route despite the absence of the sun. Deer, squirrels, and a huge variety of birds abound, as well as vibrant purple, white, and yellow flowers. Except for the farm fields awaiting this year’s crop, everything is alive and well!

It’s late and there’s another day of riding ahead tomorrow, so I must save my planned ruminating and philosophizing for a later time. See you from Defiance!

  Neither of us drinks much soda, but we lean the bike against vending machines all the time. Draw whatever humor or irony you can from knowing that and give me credit for your conclusions.


 We just missed having to wait on two freight trains over the course of the day.


 The start of a fairly significant hill leading up into the Salamonie State Forest.


 The Salamonie State Forest. It’s easy to forget about the farmland surrounding this place!

   It’s been a while since we crossed a dam. Seeing one of these from afar or from a car doing sixty doesn’t lend the same feeling of magnitude we feel when we cross – it’s truly amazing how humans have been able to tame great wild forces like rivers.

   The color palate of this year’s ride is pretty much entirely composed of earth tones.


§ 2 Responses to Peru to Fort Wayne

  • The Bike Shop says:

    I really enjoy the updates on your journey across America. Seems like just yesterday I gave you a lift from Billings, MT to Lame Deer. Glad to hear all is going well on this year’s leg of your ultimate journey. Be safe!! —Dennis Stedman—

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