Day 5: Rensselaer to Rensselaer

August 15, 2014 § 1 Comment

Well, that was fast.

Today’s mileage rivaled Tuesday’s, when we got our first flat tire. All we had to do was hop on the bike and bring it further into town to drop it off at Superior Sales and Service for storage until our next ride. Now we’re on our way to Chicago, where Dad will fly to Massachusetts and I will fly to Des Moines to get ready for college!

What an amazing trip it was. Not only was it a very enjoyable ride, but we saw some beautiful country and met the most incredible people along the way. We’re just blown away by how lucky we are to be able to do this every summer, experiencing so much together. Looking forward to a few more great rides ahead! Until next time, may your travels be safe and the wind always at your back.

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§ One Response to Day 5: Rensselaer to Rensselaer

  • Joyce says:

    Great fun reading your blog of adventures. Nice work and looking forward to hearing about your next journey. Love the pictures, particularly the frog and the sunset!

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