Day 2: Kewanee to Wenona

August 12, 2014 § 3 Comments

We may have set a new distance record today!


Minimum distance, that is.

A much shorter ride than expected, owing to our first ever flat tire as we were leaving Kewanee.

Luckily, we were still in town. Unluckily, the nearest bike shop was 45 miles away.

Luckily, we walked up to Pearson Auto Services in town and found John, who was happy to help us get back on track with a spare! Unluckily, the spare was defective.

Luckily, John volunteered to drive us to Walmart to get a spare. Unluckily, they didn’t have a size that fit. We would have to drive the wheel to a bike shop.

Luckily, we found out there’s a Hertz rental car place in Kewanee. Unluckily, we found out it was closed when we got there.

Luckily, Robby, the man who told us it was closed, offered his own personal pickup truck for us to drive to Geneseo’s B&B Lawn, Cycle, and Fitness to get a new tube. Thanks to Scott for getting it repaired! Unluckily, we had spent too much time to get the day’s ride in, so we had to drive to Wenona.

Luckily, there was TNT, which was a tatoo and body piercing parlor / tool and U-Haul rental. (What a combo!) Unluckily, there were no trucks available for us to rent.

Luckily, we had Donna, who works at TNT. She volunteered to make the hour drive with us to get to the fabulous Super 8 in Winona (population 1,025). We’re there now, and hopefully nothing else unlucky happens today!

I said earlier that we spent too much time, not wasted it. The people we encountered today were exceptionally kind and generous, and it was great to be able to meet them. John was immediately willing to stop what he was doing in the shop and help us, even driving to his house to pick up a bike pump when ours didn’t work. It was his idea to go to Walmart for the spare, and he drove us there to get it. Robby at Tank’s Auto Body offered his own truck to two complete strangers! Also, shoutout to Ronnie and the Great Dane at Tank’s for being so friendly. Donna was there for us when we couldn’t find a way to get out of town, and we’re so grateful.

Even after today, Dad and I still consider ourselves two of the luckiest riders in America. We may have missed a day, but the experiences we share in small towns like these make it all worth it. Here’s to tailwinds, sunny skies, and full tires!

John helping out with our first tube.

John and Dad at Walmart. We were so lucky to have met him!

Our completely fixed tire after getting back from the bike store, featuring the pickup truck Robby loaned us. Incredible!


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