Day 1: Moline to Kewanee

August 11, 2014 § 3 Comments

Glad to be back on the road for another year! Dad and I are continuing the ride a bit further north so we can rejoin a map made by the Adventure Cycling Association. Yesterday, we flew into Moline, Illinois, just across the Mississippi from Davenport, Iowa. The bike looked great when it arrived at the hotel, and we were ready to start!

This morning, we set out from the hotel and made good time through the corn. It was a beautiful day if a bit toasty. As we expected, it’s quite flat along our route, so that makes it quite easy! The corn is taller than us, and if I knew what healthy soy looked like I imagine I would have noticed it everywhere as well. There are many beautiful farmhouses all along the route; some of the abandoned ones are an incredible testament to the great history of this place.

We stopped for lunch at Rudy’s Sports Bar and Grill in Cambridge and enjoyed it, despite the fact that the chef is a Yankees fan (he’s a great guy in every other respect). The small towns we ride through each have their own characters, and it’s wonderful to be able to explore them on two wheels.

As it turns out, we spent the perfect amount of time at lunch because the afternoon’s weather wasn’t quite as great. All around us, huge clouds began to grow and dump rain onto the fields below. Had we left ten minutes earlier or later than when we did, I may not have had a functioning phone to write this post with! We managed to ride in the gap between the clouds for most of the afternoon, only getting a mild shower once.

About ten miles from Kewanee, we met another cyclist, headed west. Mark is from Germany and has been biking in Europe and the US for three years! We exchanged stories, thoughts on the places we’d biked and the people we’d met, and links to our blogs – check his out! It’s in German, so you may need to use Google Translate. Mark was a pleasure to get to know, and we’re glad he’s enjoying America. It’s interesting that he has many of the same observations about the country that we have, especially his comments about how friendly people in small towns are. Viel Glück, Mark!

When we rolled into Kewanee, we were greeted with a town much larger than we expected. It’s over 12,000 people! Our lodging is the world-renowned Kewanee Motor Lodge. We’re ready for another great ride tomorrow!


Dad: “Look around. See that?”
Son: “Yeah?”
Dad: “Get used to it.”


One of my lenses fell out. I was seeing half-polarized.


Storm clouds building.


We were concerned that the TV was too old to be able to display news from this decade.


Part of Kewanee’s Main Street, complete with a walking bridge!

Expect many more photos after the conclusion of the ride. We have a GoPro on board and we’re having fun with it!


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