RAGBRAI Day 6: Oskaloosa to Fairfield

July 26, 2013 § Leave a comment




Had no idea that this failed to upload! Sorry!

What a fantastic day! We finally found the flat part of Iowa and we cruised across it effortlessly. The sky alternated between dense clouds and perfectly clear every hour or so. We never got rained on and the temperature hovered in the high 70s, so we were perfectly comfortable.

We left camp with no problem at 7:22 as usual. The skies were cloudy from storms that had passed overnight, but things got brighter as we biked out of town. Evan desperately wanted another Farm Boys burrito, so we stopped about fifteen miles down the road to get one. Biking across flat land puts everyone in a good mood, and the atmosphere was even more upbeat than usual.

We finally got to stop at Mr. Pork Chop’s famous pink bus to sink our teeth into a pound of pig. The line was easily fifty riders long and half of it was enveloped in smoke from the massive grills that Mr. Pork Chop used. Perhaps it was because our time in the smoke essentially told us everything about the taste before we even took a bite, but we didn’t find the meat that appetizing. Oh well – now we can say we did it!

We traveled at a very good clip all day because there was pretty much nothing in our way. There was a brief pause for strawberry smoothies before we took our last few miles.

Riding into Fairfield was delightful! It’s a charming little town. There were buses shuttling riders into the town center, each manned by a local resident serving as a town fact book. Live entertainment abounded in town, with a talented amateur circus. Our campsite is a park with everything we could need within a walk of a few minutes.





Another corn break.





Wow. Look how the vanishing point is right on the edge of the picture. So edgy. So artsy.





“Look, ma! No hands!” Dad never caught me for any of these.





Mr. Pork Chop’s bus and the pig smoke.





We hope when he honks the horn it makes an “Oink” sound.








The line for the famous pork.




Our view as we waited in line.





Field of Dreams.





What a great time!





The day alternated cloudy and clear.









One of the most significant hills of the day. Seriously.





We rarely saw ivy on buildings out here.




Our welcome into Fairfield. We’re sure the mustaches mean something, but we can’t quite figure it out.





Riding through the streets of Fairfield.



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