RAGBRAI Day 3: Perry to Des Moines

July 24, 2013 § Leave a comment


A great day to be a cyclist! The weather was great all day, with a high of 76 and sunny skies early on. Today and tomorrow will be the busiest days of the week because of the many day riders attracted to Des Moines. There were around 30,000 riders on the road!

In usual RAGBRAI fashion, we left early (7:22 – the same time as yesterday) and rode a bit before having breakfast. In the charming town of Minburn, we found quite a party waiting for us, including a live band, a choir on roller skates, a dancing traffic policeman, and many food vendors. We settled for the Farm Boys, who served us locally-sourced breakfast burritos of quality unsurpassed by any other, at least according to Evan. His enthusiasm reached a point where he felt he had to take a picture to show to the masses. It’s seen below. After the hoedown in Minburn came a pretty easy ride for the rest of the day, significantly flatter and shorter – just 50 miles! The end was pretty slow, as we were biking directly into a headwind on very bumpy, uncomfortable roads. At roadside food stands after especially bumpy sections, riders tended to walk rather oddly.

We came into Des Moines a bit before 4:00 and relaxed for a while. The location of the Pork Belly Ventures tent city was pretty inconvenient this time – a five-minute walk to the nearest portable toilet (called a kybo in Iowan), and nearly fifteen to the showers. Aside from the spot, everything else worked out pretty well. The city offered a free shuttle downtown, where there was a huge concert and a great variety of dinner choices. We settled down for dinner at a microbrewery with Evan’s sister and brother-in-law and with Mike’s friend. Wonderful food and wonderful music to end a wonderful day!

Riders on the road as we headed out of Perry. Much more crowded today.

The town of Minburn gave us a great welcome!

The greatest breakfast burrito ever consumed.

The Minburn skyline. Most Iowan towns are formed around a grain elevator for the convenience of the farmers.

Incredibly crowded everywhere today!

Evan’s view for a quick, erm, crop inspection.


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