RAGBRAI Day 2: Harlan to Perry

July 24, 2013 § 1 Comment

Sorry for the day’s delay! The flood of smartphone-laden RAGBRAI riders ruined any chance of getting online.

Today was the longest day of the week by many miles – nearly 90 from start to finish! Due to the length and the 90-degree weather, we spent around ten hours between camps, taking long breaks wherever we could find shade or the blessing of an air conditioning unit.

The morning started out gorgeous – the rising sun through the morning fog made for some incredible scenery. Yesterday’s hilly terrain stuck around for most of the day, but we had it handled. Water and snack breaks were frequent and shade common. Around noon, we bought some of the most satisfying slices of watermelon in history on top of a long, steep hill. By the afternoon, we took advantage of all the free ice pops we could get our sunburned hands on.

About halfway into the journey we encountered the steepest hill of the week. It was the only hill we walked up, because bikes get swervy at low speeds and we didn’t want any trouble with the hundreds of other slow, swervy bikes around us. At the top we were rewarded with free water fresh out of the hose – it tasted oddly like blood. After that hill, everything flattened out for the rest of the day, with only four hills over the next 40 miles. With the heat, we were happy to have the break in terrain.

We pulled into Perry a bit after 5:00 and were greeted warmly by a nice campground and an excellent blues musician. However, later in the evening came a strong storm cell bringing strong winds, torrential rain, and lightning that kept the skies lit constantly for minutes at a time. It was an incredible show of nature, and we were lucky to experience it.

Looking forward to a great (and much shorter) day tomorrow! Pictures to come soon.


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